Homeyshow is easy


Do you need a DJ? An opera singer? A magician? An Astronomist?

Browse the shows and find the perfect Artist for your party, your wedding or for your special event. With HomeyShow you can find a selection of fantastic performers whatever your idea is. 

Once you have selected your favourite show, contact the Artist with our message tool, share your ideas and define every detail. Book the show securely with Paypal and prepare to marvel!

With Homeyshow you can also create a Venue (your living room, a garden, your pub) and select the Arts you are interested in. This way you could be contacted from selected Artists that wish to perform at your place.



Sign in and create a show. Whatever is your ability you can sell it trough Homeyshow. 

Propose your Art to the venues you like or to those who are interested in your particular form of art.

If they like it they can book your performance right away. 

Build up your own tournee with Homeyshow!



No limits to creativity

Turn your holiday house into a summer festival by choosing a different Artist to perform every night. 

Organize a Death Metal contest in your garden. 

Find a singer to play your girlfriend’s favorite tunes in the park, while you ask her to marry you.

No limits to creativity.

Homeyshow brings the Arts to you wherever you like!