Creating a Show guideline

In order to publish a show you must create an HomeyShow account. After the account is created click on the account icon and select My Page from the menu.
Click on Add a Show. A new show page opens up. 


Choose one or more appropriate show categories that better describe your Show. Best not to choose too many categories as it can be confusing for the Hosts.

Insert a Title

Choose a short inspiring title for your show! Remember that the emotional factor is a key point for selling a Show! Use the right adjectives to capture your audience. For instance if you are a magician instead of a simple title like Magic Show write Ella’s amazing magic Show.


Insert the city where you are based in. This way you will be more visible by Hosts around you. However if you are planning to move or stay for a while in a different city/location you are more than welcome to select a new city.

Video and photos

A video is possibly the most important thing to show your art and sell your show. Make sure to upload a beautiful, inspiring, emotional video, best if professionally edited. Use videos and pictures that have clear images and a bright light. Again the emotional aspect is a key factor to sell your Shows!


The price you set will automatically calculate HomeyShow fees. The net price is what you are paid once the Show is concluded. Especially at the beginning sell at competitive prices. Once you will have many positive reviews it will be easier to sell your show and you can raise up the prices. 

Performance includes

In order to avoid misunderstandings with the Hosts please be very clear on what is included in your performance. Be very specific about the instruments and materials you will provide to perform your show.

Special requests

This is a very important section: write exactly what do you need to make your performance that has to be provided by the Hosts, including technical details. If you arrive at a location and you are unable to perform your show because you have forgot to mention something in this section, the host might refuse to pay you for the Show!

Cancellation Terms

Insert your preferred cancellation policy. Remember that a more flexible cancellation will invite more hosts to book your performance.


Once you have finished creating your amazing Show use the Facebook and Twitter buttons to share it. It’s very important as it will automatically enhance your exposure and you chances to sell your Show.