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Hello everybody and welcome to Homeyshow. So here we are with this new adventure. This blog will be updated monthly and as a start I would like to thank all the people that have been working behind the scenery. First of all Andrea, Matteo, Filippo, Luciano, Flora, end Enrico from lefucine.it who kindly believed in this project and created this wonderful website. Then Lukas, Attila, Chin, Mirco, who translated the site in other languages. I would love to thank, David, Velia, Adriana and Jessica for the suggestion before the launch, and of course LaMama ETC for become the first partner. In this regards my thanks goes in particular to Denise, Mia, Billy and Federico. Also I would like to mention all my friends from Perugia, who were to first one to know about this project, which was loved and supported right away. And then my special thanks goes to the first Artists and Hosts that joined the site: Peter, Marcos, Jessica, Bekhan, Agnese, Johannes, Ania, Maria, Luca,…

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