About us




One night Filippo had a dream:

There is a young 18 years old student from China, who lives in the middle of nowhere in the countryside of UK.

She studies music and she is a wonderful pianist, but she doesn’t have a piano.

She travels by bus everyday to reach the closest church, where there is a cheap piano,

good enough for her to practice.


Next to her flat, an old British man lives by himself.

They don’t know each other even if they meet quite regularly in the staircase of the building.

He was a very good pianist back in the days.

Now he has a very expensive Steinway in his home, but he can’t play it anymore.

He stares at it everyday, hoping that someone could play it again one day.

When Filippo woke up, the idea of HomeyShow struck his mind.



A few months later, with the help of four other friends, Homey was born,

hoping to create a sustainable micro economy for the Arts.


How many talented artists don’t have much opportunities to perform?

How many art-passionate people would love to host a performance?

How many people want to gather back together in this society?


HomeyShow is aiming to develop a new path for all kind of artists and arts-lover,

supporting them to create wonderful shows without limits to imagination.


Too many old pianos are left abandoned.


Like the idea? Then join us in the HomeyShow community!